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How important to you is speed, efficiency, legal expertise and technical excellence in your eDiscovery partner?

7Safe offers a trusted, and highly cost effective end-to-end eDiscovery service.

Applying preservation, collection & processing legal principles to large volumes of electronic information is second nature to our highly experienced consultants. We can become an invaluable part of your focused litigation team with minimum fuss.

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    How 7Safe’s eDiscovery experts can help

    7Safe’s eDiscovery division brings an exceptional technical knowledge base and proven project management ability to its clients. We can help you streamline the litigation process by locating and securing the requisite electronic evidence in a highly efficient manner.

    The Legal Gateway secure online hosting platform offers unprecedented levels of user-friendliness, speed and flexibility. It allows exceptionally fast and intuitive online review of case critical evidence.

    Employing trusted 7Safe electronic discovery experts to focus on the acquisition and technical manipulation of eDiscovery data frees you up to focus on the legal strategy and delivery aspects of the case.

    Together we can deliver the right evidence, in an easily understood form, to help maximise its positive legal impact.

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    The Benefits of 7Safe’s progressive eDiscovery approach include:

    We will help maximise your chances of a successful litigation by:

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    What do I need to know?

    Released 25th February 2010 Authors: Jim Kent & Chris Dale

    Dell eDiscovery case study

    Dell has released a case study
    on how 7Safe uses technology for providing services to our eDiscovery clients.