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Welcome To 7Safe.

7Safe helps your organisation to develop, maintain and grow cyber security and information investigation capabilities - increasing your overall trust in the systems that you operate, the information that you hold and the people who have access to it.

We provide cyber security and digital investigation advice, education and technical services to all technology-enabled organisations

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32 Data records

lost or stolen every second

Find out how to improve your cyber resilience
56 million

sets of “private” data extracted from Cloud servers through poorly written mobile apps

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of Web Traffic come from Windows XP Machines

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1 in 284

emails contain malware

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Only 30%

of the UK’s police forces feel that they have the skills or tools to respond effectively to increasing levels of cybercrime

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Passcode Interface mobile device

New year, same old bad passw0rds

Strong passwords are important. The trouble is, people forget. Richard Allen shows how to make yours safe and memorable.

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  • Cyber Forensics Investigation 21 Jan

    Cybercrime Crisis Deepens: Police swamped by 7 million cases in 2014

    The Home Secretary’s announcement of plans to give more power to Police Support Staff and ...

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  • Social media fraud 20 Jan

    Social Media: Millions at risk posting confidential data online

    Social media has made our lives more accessible to friends, family and fraudsters. Find out ...

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