7Safe provide​s cyber security and digital investigation advice, training and technical services. Since 2001, we have been helping our clients to identify and address cyber threats, increasing their overall trust in the systems that they operate, the information that they hold and the people who have access to it. 

We offer a comprehensive range of technical services and consultancy, including:

Part of PA Consulting Group, 7Safe has experience in cyber security advice, cyber security risk management, capability development and technical information security services across multiple sectors. Our satisfied clients include C-suite managers of major organisations in retail, banking and finance, legal, energy and utilities, government and public sector, communications and technology, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences and media, gaming and technology.

We are proud of our reputation, built on development, growth, experience, trust and expertise in areas such as high-profile forensic investigations and analysis, working with many large and well-known brands and organisations across multiple sectors, including Ministry of Defence, numerous law enforcement agencies and the UK’s largest banks for numerous services. 

In addition to our consultancy work across multiple sectors, 7Safe provides industry-recognised, professional ​cyber security certifications across ethical hacking, digital forensics, information security and software security disciplines.

Professional cyber development is the cornerstone of effective cyber security and we underpin the services above with our portfolio of University and industry-accredited training courses and certifications.

Together, 7Safe and PA Consulting, offer a comprehensive set of IT, cyber security and education services that few can compete with.​