Case Studies

Search by business topic or industry to find recent examples of how we work with our clients to help them address information security issues and achieve high performance.​
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    Internet Service/Web Hosting Provider calls in 7Safe Incident Response team

    7Safe was requested to respond quickly to a breach incident on our client’s webmail hosting ...
  • casr

    Developing an enduring security framework for a multi-million-pound procurement

    Information security standards can often struggle to keep pace with rapid advances in technology and ...
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    Reducing the potential for business disruption with clear incident response procedures

    Security incidents are inevitable in a hyper-connected, technology-dependent world. The extent of their impact on ...
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    Conducting a comprehensive security assessment to eliminate the distraction of security concerns

    Data that can be damaging to a company isn’t always hidden behind web applications’ security ...
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    Taking cyber security around customers’ confidential data seriously

    Online services represent a huge benefit for users and can be a real differentiator for ...
  • mobile application security

    Preventing unauthenticated users from gaining access to information assets

    When a mobile application offers users access to highly valuable information, ensuring this information cannot ...
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    Establishing a clear picture of security loopholes in our client’s IT infrastructure

    Our client asked us to perform a time-limited internal and external host discovery exercise on ...
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    Bringing security controls up to scratch on a leading document management solution

    For a secure document management solution to be credible, security controls need to be watertight. ...
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    Ensuring best-possible security for business-critical applications

    A cyber attack on business-critical applications can disable a business and undermine its reputation, so ...
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    Uncovering serious security weaknesses and a security breach of our client’s systems

    Poor information security exposes businesses to reputational and commercial risk.