Case Study - ​Legal Sector


eDiscovery Services: Processing data and hosting a small document review environment

A law firm asked if 7Safe could assist with providing a review platform for an eDiscovery case to help their client prepare for parliamentary questioning around contract performance. The parliament summer recess was due within two weeks and the email data needed to be reviewed as a matter of urgency. The data needed to be made searchable and ordered in a logical way so the review could take place efficiently.

The data to be reviewed was personally collected from the company adhering to evidence handling procedures by maintaining a full chain of custody. The data was then transferred onto a server in the datacentre and processed and loaded onto our review platform, Relativity.

We then provided support to the reviewers and client to help them review the data efficiently and remove any unnecessary documents.

Once the review was complete, we were instructed to delete all the data from our servers and the client’s media devices.

The client managed to gather the information they needed within a quick turnaround ready for
parliamentary questioning. This was achievable by filtering the data set to only return items that would be relevant to the case. Date filters, keyword searches and culling of irrelevant files was performed on the original data set. The original data was reduced from 102,849 items to 38,589 which meant that the scope of the case was dramatically reduced saving time and money for the client.

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