Fixing Software Vulnerabilities To Keep Customers’ Health Data Safe

Software used in healthcare settings need to be ultra-secure since it often processes sensitive medical data. So, when our client wanted to launch new versions of its healthcare software worldwide, they needed to be 100% confident that the products met the highest security standards.

In fact, when we conducted penetration tests on several development versions we discovered critical vulnerabilities that put customer medical data at risk of theft or other serious cyber-attacks. Had this occurred, it would have undermined our client’s reputation and wiped out the revenues they hoped to earn from the new software.

To fix the IT security issues, we prepared a detailed report documenting each one and provided direct assistance to ensure that our recommendations were successfully implemented. A further penetration test verified that the remedial activities had been successful.

Our work helped the client avert a potentially critical reputational crisis and allowed the company to release the product confident that it operated securely. We also left the client’s development team with a better understanding of how to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in future versions.

If you need to secure your sensitive data, find out how to get a penetration test now or learn more about our technical cyber security capabilities.