Safeguarding information assets for a global pharmaceutical business

Information security in the pharmaceutical sector is a serious business. Global pharmaceutical businesses must be able to secure their information assets, such as data from research and trials, from threats as diverse as commercial espionage, organised crime, animal rights activism and even international terrorism.

For our client, a global pharmaceutical company, the sudden resignation of their IT security officer and the transition to a new regime under a new head of IT security represented a situation that required expert handling. We worked to meet the company’s immediate priority – to ensure day-to-day security operations continued to provide effective protection during the switchover. This included taking over the security operations for the UK and Germany.

At the time of the transition, our client was undergoing major business change. This provided the opportunity to define a new information security strategy for the reconfigured organisation. We helped define a global strategy and, drawing on experience of similar projects, developed a supporting implementation plan incorporating realistic timelines.

The new cyber security strategy, currently being implemented, gives the company far greater confidence in its security management capabilities and the comfort of knowing it has a trusted partner it can call on for future information security support if necessary. The smooth transition to the new regime ensured there was no lapse in the security protecting key information assets.

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