Putting technical security to the test

Penetration testing is a highly effective way to detect any weaknesses in an organisation’s technical security and strengthen defences accordingly. This is what the client wanted to achieve when it asked us to conduct a penetration test on its entire network infrastructure. Technical security is paramount for this relatively young company with ambitions to become a global player.

In addition to penetration testing, we conducted a range of other assessments. These included checks for anomalies in network traffic transmitted the client, a review of custom-built source code the client's trading platforms, and a comprehensive risk assessment incorporating best practices from comparable organisations across the public and private sectors.

We also completed a compliance assessment to measure the client's current IT standards and policies against the ISO27001:2013 Information Security standard. Then we delivered Information Security training for all personnel as well as creating a bespoke course to improve IT staff’s ability to secure their systems against hackers.

With our checks complete, we worked with the client to remediate our findings and then rechecked to ensure the vulnerabilities we found had been addressed. The outcome for our client is stronger-than-ever technical security, which will underpin the client's successful future development.

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