Case Studies

Search by business topic or industry to find recent examples of how we work with our clients to help them address information security issues and achieve high performance.​
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    Protecting key intellectual property against a potential insider attack

    It’s easy to assume that an attack on a business’s IT infrastructure and data assets ...
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    Enabling a leading insurance business to launch a new mobile app with confidence

    Whenever businesses offer access to their products and services via mobile devices, security is always ...
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    Strengthening Cyber Security To Protect The Bottom Line

    When organisations grow rapidly, information security arrangements often fail to keep pace.
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    Closing high-risk security gaps to avert a potential attack

    Our client, a major investment authority, wanted to be confident that its internal network was ...
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    Reinforcing security to dramatically strengthen resilience in healthcare

    Our client, a major healthcare service, asked us to assess the security features of its ...
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    Protecting brand reputation in the e-commerce space

    Our client, a leading jewellery retailer selling famous brands online, was keen to ensure that ...
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    Getting maximum impact from a global digital cyber security programme

    While every business wants to protect its digital assets, the best methods and controls for ...
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    Pinpointing a small but significant security weakness in a complex IT infrastructure

    A complex IT infrastructure requires a rigorous focus on cyber security, but even when this ...
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    Tightening database security to maintain members’ trust in services

    It takes a long time to build a reputation in business – but only a ...
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    Securing sensitive employee data

    HR applications hold lots of sensitive information about employees, so security needs to be strong....