Cyber Security Skill Gap Highlights Training Needs

Dec 20, 2011

An alarming increase in cyber attacks have recently been seen in the UK, many incidents of which have been widely reported in the media. The issue has naturally drawn attention to the urgency for companies to improve their security measures. Ironically, the UK has seen a huge drop in the number of pupils undertaking computing courses, leaving the country even more vulnerable to future cyber attacks.

In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph ahead of the government’s Cyber Strategy, Baroness Neville-Jones stated how important it is to stop organised criminals, and the essential need to train more cyber experts.

‘We must bring through the trained youthful talent to support the transition to an internet economy. We need quality as well as quantity', Lady Neville-Jones said.

The interview drew attention to the fact that initiatives need to be developed to help inspire young people with the concept that cyber security is an arena which can offer real prospects. As such, projects like the Cyber Challenge UK for students could help create excitement and activity around the career path.

7Safe, part of PA Consulting, understands the need to actively encourage young talent into the information security arena, as shown by its support in sponsoring the UK Cyber Security Challenge 2011. Winners were awarded with prizes of places on 7Safe’s latest Certified Application Security Tester course CAST and Certified Forensic Investigation Practitioner CFIP course.

7Safe Director Alan Phillips commented: ‘At a time when the country is vulnerable to cyber attacks, the need to offer skills-development training in IT security has never been greater. We hope that our hands-on education will influence key contributors to make a positive impact on the future of the government’s new Cyber Security Strategy’.

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