HACKsight – a snapshot of the security vulnerabilities found last month

May 06, 2014

As active contributors to the cyber security arena, we in 7Safe are always looking at ways of sharing our work help you improve your security. As part of that, we have developed a monthly infographic bulletin called HACKsight which we hope will provide an interesting and informative resource. 

HACKsight is a high-level snapshot of security vulnerabilities that our team of ethical hackers found in the previous month, including current trends of OWASP top ten vulnerabilities that have been detected as part of work. In addition, we will provide commentary from our penetration testers on industry-related issues that are being talked about in the media that may affect you.

Read our first issue below that explores the recently discovered ‘Heartbleed’ flaw – what it is, how it may affect people and what they can do to protect their business from it here.