European arrests highlights danger of teen cyber-crime

Nov 25, 2014

Stephen Bailey, cyber security expert at 7Safe, a PA Consulting Group company is quoted in an article about teenage cyber-crime. The article addresses the growing number of teenagers using Remote Access Trojans (RATs) to commit theft online.

Stephen explains that youth cyber-related crime is a worrying trend: “As tools such as RATs become more readily available, they are likely to be attractive to hardened criminals wanting access to data as well as to the younger generation, who are often motivated by curiosity or mischief.

“In our digitised world children are growing up to be more online-savvy at a much younger age. It is inevitable that they will push the boundaries of what is right and wrong in the connected world.

He goes on to explain that educating the younger generation is vital: “The key to stopping them crossing that boundary is education, but it should be done in a way that provides them with the technical challenges they seek, for example teaching them how to code.

“As well as teaching them that it is wrong to physically steal from people in the ‘real world', we must ensure that they understand that the online world requires the same behaviours.”

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