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    Don’t get swept along with the vulnerability hype

    Jul 01, 2015

    There is a trend for new vulnerabilities to be announced with catchy names such as VENOM, FREAK, and BEAST, to name but a few. These are often accompanied by professionally developed websites, a logo and, in some cases, press briefings by the company or security researchers that have found the vulnerability.
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    UK firms at risk from attacks on crypto keys, digital certificates

    Jul 01, 2015

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    Emojis for passwords

    Jun 30, 2015

    During the last month, there has been much talk about how successful a system where the password is entirely replaced by emojis might be. The idea of replacing passwords with images or icons is not a new one, but came up again when the company “Intelligent Environments”, a financial software development company, introduced a passcode authentication system using emojis.
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    The rise of ethical hacking

    Jun 30, 2015

    7Safe’s Aleksander Gorkowienko, a penetration testing expert, is quoted in an article in Mobile Europe about the rise of ethical hacking. The article discusses whether ethical hacking by telecoms firms is the answer to testing and securing internet of things devices.
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    Mobile attacks: Should you be worried?

    Jun 22, 2015

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    Learn from the Experts

    Jun 19, 2015

    PA Consulting, in association with the National Analyst Working Group (NAWG), surveyed 48 law enforcement organisations across the UK and discovered that the time spent on investigating cybercrime is expected to treble over the next three years; and yet only 30% believe that they have the skills and tools to do the job effectively.*
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    Invest in your people for effective security

    Jun 19, 2015

    Over one billion data records were lost or stolen in over 1,500 corporate breach incidents during 2014*; the equivalent of 32 records every single second. Retail and Financial sectors were unsurprisingly the primary contributors in terms of the number of records affected, although it is the Healthcare sector that accounted for over 25% of the breaches reported, with Government, Technology and Education not far behind.
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    Still using XP: at risk, but not alone

    Jun 18, 2015

    Despite Microsoft removing support for Windows XP over 12 months ago, 17% of desktop internet traffic still comes these machines, making it currently the second most popular operating system behind Windows 7.
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    What’s in your inbox ?

    Jun 18, 2015

    We all receive dozens, if not hundreds of emails every single day, but did you know that as many as one in 284* contain malware that could potentially leave you or your organisation open to a damaging breach or compromise. So, in a company of 1000 people, receiving a modest 10 external emails each per working day that’s over 8,000 attacks on your company throughout the year. And if you think your anti-virus software will take care of this, then consider that studies have shown that the initial detection rate for new viruses by AV can be as low as 5%**.
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    Why you should care about an old hashing algorithm

    Jun 01, 2015

    It has been some years now since the US National Institute for Standards and Technology announced that the SHA-1 encryption algorithm should no longer be regarded as secure and required US federal agencies to move away from its use, so why does this now matter to senior business officers?