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    Online shopping security

    Jan 07, 2015

    Stephen Hancock BBC Radio Cambridge Stephen Hancock, information security expert at 7Safe's  technical security practice is interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridge. Stephen discusses the potential security vulnerabilities when consumers shop online. Stephen is asked whether online shoppers should be worried about hacking. Stephen explains: "Most online merchants do take payment security very seriously. Any company [...]
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    Whose fault is it anyway?

    Jan 05, 2015

    The news that Charge Anywhere, a US based payment gateway provider was breached, is maybe not a shock to InfoSec professionals but will rightly cause concern for merchants.  After all, if you can’t trust your payment gateway to be secure, who can you trust?    It is perhaps timely that this breach comes to light [...]
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    New PA report identifies need for more skilled capability to tackle growth in cybercrime

    Dec 16, 2014

    The use of technology to support or perpetrate crime is not new, but the extent at which technology is now being employed for criminal purposes is.  Thieves from all sides of the criminal spectrum – petty crooks to serious organised crime syndicates – can easily capitalise on the naivety of those who are unable or [...]
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    European arrests highlights danger of teen cyber-crime

    Nov 25, 2014

    Stephen Bailey, cyber security expert at 7Safe, a PA Consulting Group company is quoted in an article about teenage cyber-crime. The article addresses the growing number of teenagers using Remote Access Trojans (RATs) to commit theft online. Stephen explains that youth cyber-related crime is a worrying trend: “As tools such as RATs become more readily [...]
  • What will Cyber Essentials achieve?

    Oct 14, 2014

    Cyber Essentials is ‘a UK Government-backed scheme to help businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats’.  The aim, of course, is to improve the standard of cyber security across UK business but also specifically to provide a means by which a company can ‘advertise the fact that it adheres to a government endorsed standard’.  From [...]
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    The Shellshock security vulnerability is not just a Linux issue

    Oct 10, 2014

    The media have been calling this “as bad as Heartbleed”, whilst some have been saying it’s much worse. It’s difficult to tell who is right, but one thing we can be sure about is that we have another serious vulnerability on our radar, called Shellshock and we need to think and act fast. So what [...]
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    UK Government mandates new cyber security standard for suppliers from 1 October – make sure you’re compliant

    Oct 01, 2014

    From today, 1 October 2014, the UK Government requires all organisations bidding for contracts which process commercially sensitive or personal information to be certified against the Cyber Essentials Scheme. Officially launched on 5 June 2014, organisations who successfully complete the scheme through a CREST (Certified Register of Ethical Security Testers) accredited supplier, will be awarded [...]
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    Handing over the keys to the crown jewels

    Sep 08, 2014

    We are all users of energy and water and very much take for granted that they are almost always there when we need them.  Working away in the background to make this so are a myriad of safety and mission critical industrial control and automation systems. For many years the organisations using such systems have [...]
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    Mobile password managers: are they really keeping your data secure?

    Aug 07, 2014

    As technology advances, it has become increasingly clear that desktop and laptop computers are becoming a thing of the past for the everyday user. Average consumer needs generally include online shopping, access to social media websites, the use of office programs and email accessibility. All those needs are now covered by smart phones and tablets, making the use of the traditional laptop and desktop almost obsolete – primarily due to the flexibility, power and autonomy of mobile devices.
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    Is your system an open goal for attackers?

    Jul 03, 2014

    The World Cup is happening now, and for all of us, whether we like football or are trying to pretend we are not interested at all, – it is very hard to ignore. Love it or hate it, we all know about it.