New PA report identifies need for more skilled capability to tackle growth in cybercrime

Dec 16, 2014

The use of technology to support or perpetrate crime is not new, but the extent at which technology is now being employed for criminal purposes is.  Thieves from all sides of the criminal spectrum – petty crooks to serious organised crime syndicates – can easily capitalise on the naivety of those who are unable or unwilling to ensure that their digital assets are protected.  Until stopped, the thieves will continue to exploit the wide gap between the offensive capabilities of the IT savvy criminal and the defensive capabilities of the less knowledgeable public.    

PA Consulting Group has just released a survey and report describing the significant challenge that the Police face to prevent, detect and ultimately prosecute cybercriminals.  Here at 7Safe, we know that it is the officers and people in the Police, not just technologies alone, which will be at the fore-front of the Police response to this increasingly significant and complex threat. 7Safe has been helping educate Police Forces in the UK and abroad for over 10 years to tackle cyber-enabled crime by developing the digital forensic and hacking capabilities of the analysts and investigators working in the various High-tech Units (and more recently the newly formed cybercrime units).  

Our range of renowned technical courses for investigators is constantly being refreshed with the latest information/threats.  Do keep a lookout for our new Linux forensics course in the New Year – Linux being the OS of choice for the cybercriminal.  We are also launching a cyber forensics course at the same time, which is designed to train the investigator (civil or criminal) to isolate and extract evidence in safe and trusted manner from a dynamic IT environment, such as you would expect to find in a home network or business network.  For more information on our current and future courses, click here.

Author: Aidan Jarvis, 7Safe Cyber Forensic expert.

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