Learn from the Experts

Jun 19, 2015

PA Consulting, in association with the National Analyst Working Group (NAWG), surveyed 48 law enforcement organisations across the UK and discovered that the time spent on investigating cybercrime is expected to treble over the next three years; and yet only 30% believe that they have the skills and tools to do the job effectively.*

7Safe has an established pedigree in working along-side such agencies in providing digital forensic investigations, expert witness, hands-on classroom training courses and we even co-authored the Association of Chief Police Officer’s Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Evidence.

7Safe has trained over 120 officers from 28 forces and assisted in investigations from attending raids, through analysing thousands of devices up to giving testimony in court.

So, if you have a back-log to clear or want to enhance the in-house skills at your disposal, come and talk to the experts.

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