Banking And Financial Services

The financial services sector receives the greatest number of phishing attacks, and sophisticated malware which is designed to create fraudulent transactions are being used to bypass more advanced controls such as two-factor authentication - and these are becoming more commonplace. Disruption to transactional systems can have serious impact and significantly affect the reputation of financial institutions. Financial institutions are also subject to ever increasing regulation and  information security controls are constantly scrutinised whilst fines for non-compliance is increasing.

7Safe has a wealth of experience in helping financial organisations secure their systems from the threat of an external cyber attack. We are also well placed to help clients identify and respond to malware attacks as well as conducting post incident forensic investigations.

As part of PA Consulting Group, we are also able to combine our technical cyber security expertise with deep industry knowledge and skills in management consulting, technology and innovation. To find out more about what PA has to offer in the Banking and Financial sector, click here.

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