Government And Public Sector

The vast amount of personal information submitted as part of processes such as driving licence applications, tax self-returns and other data submitted voluntarily and stored on Government systems makes these an attractive target for criminals. Such information when aggregated can be of significant interest to those looking to steal identities and the consequences of data breaches can be far reaching for both institutions and affected individuals.

7Safe can help assess the security of IT systems with our wide portfolio of penetration testing services to reduce the risk of breaches. We can also help identify system vulnerabilities to DDoS attacks particularly for systems for which resilience and uptime are vital, for example, systems which conduct border checks and passport authentication. A successful denial of service or compromise of these systems could lead to huge delays and financial penalties to providers.

As part of PA Consulting Group, we are also able to combine our technical cyber security expertise with deep industry knowledge and skills in management consulting, technology and innovation. To find out more about what PA has to offer in the Government and Public sector, click here.

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