The system needed to make this work must be secure to protect the confidential information of patients, be resilient as any downtime could impact on patient care, and be saleable to manage the demand for user access. In addition, less tech-savvy users will need to be educated on the full spectrum of social engineering attacks including phishing, malicious email attachments and other sophisticated malware.

The healthcare industry will also see a proliferation of data collected from wearables, and companies in the insurance and healthcare sector will seek to exploit this information to gain competitive edge through innovative pricing models and behaviour incentivisation. However, rapid roll out of these services without consideration for the appropriate security controls could see user data compromised, with data transmission to the company, and the management of new data types within the company requiring proper encryption and data management techniques.

With our wide portfolio of services ranging from penetrating testing to social engineering and security awareness training, 7Safe can help companies in this sector meet their challenges. We can also help clients design systems with strong security controls to facilitate the transmissions and storage of vast amount of data and to ensure that processes are compliant with relevant standards and regulatory requirements.

As part of PA Consulting Group, we are also able to combine our technical cyber security expertise with deep industry knowledge and skills in management consulting, technology and innovation.

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