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Outages of online services through targeted distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks highlight the potential for immediate business losses for every minute or even second of disruption and further impact to customer retention in a saturated market place. High profile cyber attacks on entertainment organisations show how vulnerable this sector can be from opportunist hackers to motivated and capable protest groups. Attacks on the Sony corporation have highlighted the sophistication of hackers as well as the extent to which the IT systems of one of the world’s largest media companies was overwhelmed.

7Safe is well placed to help clients manage the IT security of their systems through our portfolio of infrastructure, application, database and web pen testing offerings and we work with our clients in this sector to apply the best practices of information security and also help them keep pace with emerging threats.

As part of PA Consulting Group, we are also able to combine our technical cyber security expertise with deep industry knowledge and skills in management consulting, technology and innovation. To find out more about PA's broad experience in cyber security, click here.

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