Malware Investigation Training

24 September 2009

7Safe has introduced a new certification with the Certified Malware Investigator training course.

As the name suggests, the training involves the investigation of malicious software using Windows and Linux-based operating systems and virualised environments.  The use of Linux-based systems aids prevention of Windows-based malware from spreading to the investigating computer in certain circumstances.

There are also Windows and Linux-based exercises in mounted analysis, live conversion of e01-type hard drive images into virtual machine disks, simulating a live network connection in the virtual environment and observing malware behaviour.

The CFIA certification evolved since it’s initial conception and we now have the CMI and the Certified Forensic Investigation Practitioner (CFIP) qualification courses.  CFIP covers the aspects of computer forensic principles, evidence continuity and methodology to employ when conducting a forensic investigation, utilising practical case scenarios.


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