PCI Training Day

29 October 2009

A 7Safe QSA will instruct a PCI DSS training course on November 27th.  

The training is designed to deliver understanding of major aspects of PCI DSS including the standard’s objectives and requirements, the often unfamiliar terminolgy and how it relates to the actual circumstances,  how compliance is assessed and whether compensating controls are acceptable.

7Safe is a PCI SSA Qualified Security Assessor Company

7Safe is a QSA company

These days also present an excellent opportunity to ask a Qualified Security Assessor questions on topics that you may be unclear about.   Often these include queries on how the standard is validated, cardholder data that can/cannot be held, compensating controls and the special considerations for hosting providers

The PCI course learning outcome is to give attendees a clear idea about formulating an action plan to achieve compliance.


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