On-site eDiscovery – Reducing privacy and data protection concerns

26 November 2009

7Safe’s Adam Page, Senior eDiscovery Consultant sent in the following guest blog….:

The eDiscovery team completed a job recently that we fully expect to see more requests for in the future.

It involved visiting a client site who was facing a class action litigation in the US. The aim was to enable the client to produce to their US counsel only those documents relevant to the matter, and not remove any non-relevant material from the clients facility; Thus addressing any confidentiality, data protection and privacy issues.

The client came specifically to 7Safe as we are the only eDiscovery specialists in the UK market that had both the forensic heritage, technical ability and relevant security clearances to meet their demands. The client was faced with up to 4TB of data that had to be forensically captured, processed and filitered in order to meet the court requirements. We deployed forensic consultants to collect and preserve the data from a variety of sources. Then, after an initial data cull, the data was processed on-site using our mobile data processing unit. The processing speeds achived were around 1TB per day, therefore from collection through to processing followed by keyword filtering, the project was completed in little over one week.

We are seeing demand for this type of service increasing from our client base. As litigation and regulatory activity increases, clients are faced with more requests for information with ever increasing data volumes on their infrastructure. Innovative firms like 7Safe offer cost-effective solutions that are forensically sound in the eyes of the courts and regulators.


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