Incident Response & Computer Forensics Awareness training

08 January 2010

New course alert – The Incident Response & Computer Forensics Awareness training course (IRCFA) will be running for the first time this March. The first course is already fully booked.

Companies are increasingly looking to become “computer forensics” ready in preparation for potential law suits as well as computer security incidents. In addition to having specialised staff or external consultants on hand to deal with the technical and investigative issues surrounding security incidents or other forensic requirements, having the wider staff aware of these is an important step towards readiness. The Incident Response and Computer Forensics Awareness course is intended for non-technical, non-investigative staff who should be brought to terms with generic readiness requirements and a basic understanding of forensic principles. 

This kind of awareness training is often required for compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001.


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