Cyber Champ Chris’ Excellent 7Safe Prize

30 January 2013

7Safe's leading Certified Forensic Investigation Practitioner (CFIP) course was recently attended by Chris Doman. Chris, a 26 year old software developer from Essex had been awarded the course as a prize for finishing as the highest-ranked civilian in the 2012 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge, a global cyber security competition designed and hosted by the US Department of Defense, and which forms part of the Cyber Security Challenge UK.

The Cyber Security Challenge is intended to help drive the development of a larger and more dynamic cyber security workforce that is equipped with the increasingly diverse range of cyber skills required by government and businesses in order to defend UK organisations against the increasing risk of cyber-attack.

7Safe Education, part of PA Consulting Group, is proud to sponsor the challenge and to help reinforce the message that cyber threats are increasing among organisations due to a lack of skilled, trained experts working in important parts of the public and private sector. By offering places on specialist information security certification courses, 7Safe continues to inspire the next generation of cyber talent to protect the UK's business assets.

Richard Allen, 7Safe Education Business Development Manager said:

"Congratulations to Chris on gaining a Merit in the 7Safe Certified Forensic Investigation Practitioner (CFIP) exam, following his recent attendance on the three day training course. 7Safe is proud to be associated with an award that develops the next generation to help us defend against increasing cyber-attacks. We actively encourage new talent into the cyber security profession by hosting our specialist training courses. 7Safe also wishes Chris luck on the next stage of the Cyber Security Challenge to be held later this year."

Chris, when awarded with his grade, commented:

"I've had a great time on the CFIP course and am seriously considering doing more of 7Safe's courses. I will certainly recommend it. The course covers a significant amount of ground in three days, and hearing the instructors real world experiences has given me more confidence for when I start working in computer forensics. It was also a big advantage in interviews to say that I'd be taking a 7Safe course. The course contained plenty of tips and tricks that I'm hoping will give me an advantage, added to some solid theory enabling me to understand what the tools I was using were doing behind the scenes. I'd like to thank everyone at 7Safe for sponsoring a respected competition with an excellent prize."

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