‘Better 7Safe than sorry’ – new article in Cambridge Business magazine

02 September 2013

Alan Phillips, founder of 7Safe, a PA Group Company is interviewed in an article about the firm’s work with Cleartrade, a business that delivers a processing system for the $700 trillion global derivatives market.

The article explains how 7Safe provided an independent security review of Cleartrade’s systems and made critical recommendations.

Richard Baker, Cleartrade’s CEO, comments on the 7Safe review:

“7Safe undertook penetration testing and identified some issues and we jumped on those pretty quickly.  It took less than a week to resolve them.”

Describing the importance of computer security, Alan says:

“Computer protection is sometimes seen as a cost, but in this case it’s an investment and a security essential. There are two types of attack: the first are opportunist attacks which can do a lot of damage and the second are targeted attacks which can be worse.”

Continuing, Alan describes one aspect of 7Safe’s penetration testing work as including:

“Checking if someone is able to take over someone else’s user session, taking their passwords, enabling them to access the computer or computers and looking for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. The goal of the penetration tester is the same as the hacker – we try and get hold of Richard’s servers and if we can that’s bad news.”

The article also explains how the computer forensics and security firm, acquired by PA in 2011, works with leading law enforcement, education, defence and financial organisations.

You can read the article in full here.

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