Meet the 7Safe team at the International Oil & Gas Cyber Security Forum

08 October 2013

7Safe’s senior pentesting expert, Aleksander Gorkowienko, will be presenting a practical workshop at the International Oil & Gas Cyber Security Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 10 October 2013.

With the Middle East being responsible for a significant part of the world’s energy supplies, together with the widespread use of interconnected networks and central control systems, it is not surprising that the region is fast becoming one of the target areas for cyber-attack.The Cyber Security Forum will provide a timely opportunity for leaders in the Middle Eastern market to manage and deal with real-life issues that could be a threat to organisations’ infrastructure and financial wellbeing, including the realism associated with insecure data.

Aleks’ workshop titled ‘Hacking Insight for Managers’ (HIM), will introduce basic technical concepts behind the various stages of a typical hacking attack, as well as some of the common tools used by hackers and security professionals alike. Examples will be drawn from real-world breaches to show how lapses in security have resulted in high-profile damage to organisations and customers.

The workshop will be a multimedia theory-based course with group discussions, and  there will also be the opportunity to join a guided “hack lab”, in which participants can try their hand at some simple web application attacks.

Highlights of the HIM workshop:

• A hacker’s mindset and motivations

• The hacker methodology – insight into tools and tricks used

• How an organisation is at risk from hackers

• Various routes of attack e.g. Internet, employees, social engineering, emails, wireless

• Details of some high profile attacks that have led to real damage, both financial and reputational.

Those who are interested in more hands-on technical content should look at other 7Safe courses such as CSTA and CSTP.

In addition, Stephen Bailey, 7Safe’s IT cyber expert, will be speaking in a workshop on ‘Human and cultural aspects of ICS cyber security’. To schedule a meeting with Stephen or Aleks during the forum or to find out more information about each workshop, please contact us now.


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