7Safe supports UK Government Cyber Essentials scheme

30 May 2014

With cyber-attacks against companies of all sizes and sectors on the rise, the government has put in place a primary objective to help businesses defend themselves against cyber threats. As a result, the The Cyber Essentials Scheme has been developed by the UK Government – providing a set of controls that organisations can implement to achieve basic cyber hygiene. 7Safe will support the scheme as a service provider, which will be formally launched in summer 2014.

The scheme identifies and focuses on five principal areas that businesses of all types and sizes must consider as "the essential" foundation of their cyber security. Cyber Essentials provides guidance on how to implement the important first steps to manage cyber risk and will link to a cyber assurance program that will provide the option of independent certification for those organisations able to meet set criteria. The certifications awarded will provide businesses with the opportunity to verify the effectiveness of their security measures.

It is hoped that organisations will use the Cyber Essentials Scheme to take their first steps in identifying the specific risks their organisation faces and examining how their infrastructure may be vulnerable to more sophisticated threats.

Richard Allen – 7Safe’s Head of Education commented, ‘we are proud to be part of this Government initiative to protect organisations of all sizes from the most common cyber threats. The scheme will provide organisations with a base line of clear guidance on the minimum information security controls that they need to implement to meet the obligations of both their customers and employees.’

7Safe , a PA Consulting Group company, offers a wider range of comprehensive cyber security services to help businesses stay security resilient in cyber space. 7Safe’s services include Penetration TestingPCI DSS and a portfolio of University-accreditedEthical Hacking training coursesContact us to find out more.


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