Email search just got even easier – new version of Doc Discovery launched

04 November 2014

We’ve just released a new version of Doc Discovery – the best yet.  This new version is designed to help any business or private individual look for specific content in Outlook files and email attachments, by providing a simple, safe and accurate search capability on your own computer.

Doc Discovery was first conceived in 2007 as a tool to help 7Safe’s forensic and security consultants quickly examine large unstructured data stores for specific content whilst they were on-site with a client. Jumping forward to 2013, we had a number of requests for a self-help mail search tool from some our legal sector clients who just wanted to be able to “quickly” examine the content within PST files so they could discuss the risk associated with specific content with their clients.  We responded to this by developing the first publically available version of 7Phrase, named Doc Discovery, which was released a year ago at the end of 2013.

As a result of the feedback received from the first version, we have incorporated as many of our clients’ requests as we can into the latest version to produce what we believe is the most accurate and simplest to use DIY email searcher available on the market. Version 2 now searches for words and phrases within PDF documents attached to emails; you can now restrict your keyword searches to within a specific date range. We have also improved the speed of search and made some adjustments to the user interface itself to help new users get the best from Doc Discovery from the start.

What’s more, we have started a community knowledge forum called the Work Room. The Work Room’s primary purpose is to help you find and share useful ideas, tips and tricks with other users on how to efficiently search and review email content. You can also use the Work Room to see what’s coming next, to request new functionality.

Doc Discovery is ideally suited to legal professionals or risk managers who have to frequently review other people’s emails to identify potential business risks as part of Very Early Case Assessment (VECA) processes; yet it is also equally useful to individuals at home searching their old PST email archives for lost messages or contacts.

And finally and best of all, this version of Doc Discovery and all its great functionality is now free to use and install with no restrictions.

If you would like to get started with Doc Discovery or if you think any of your colleagues would benefit from using it, then simply download, install and share Doc Discovery today for free.



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