Ethical Hackers on BBC Panorama trained with 7Safe

Jennifer Arcuri By Michael Shuff, 7Safe | 11 November 2015


7Safe cyber training Alumna, Jennifer Arcuri, appeared on BBC Panorama television programme, How Hackers Steal Your ID. As members of a group of young ethical hackers, Jennifer and her colleague, Luciana Carvalho Se, were set a challenge by Edinburgh Napier University’s Cyber Academy, which is part of the Institute for Informatics & Digital Innovation.

Thanks to vocational training on the 7Safe CSTA Ethical Hacking: Hands-On course which Jennifer and Luciana attended in September 2015, they were both able to easily complete the hacking test, which was designed for Panorama to illustrate just how vulnerable many online systems are to the type of cyber-attacks that have made news headlines throughout 2015.

The BBC programme used the recent TalkTalk cyber-breach as an illustration of how personal data stolen through attacks of this kind are used by fraudsters to target the bank accounts and payment cards of ordinary web users, and included interviews with customers who had been victims of criminals who had drained their personal bank accounts of savings.

When I spoke to Jennifer about her the test, she said that her skills had developed as a result of training with 7Safe. “The best hands-on experience came from the CSTA course, which gave me access to virtual machines that mimicked real networks. I was able to use brute force and apply dictionaries attacks – techniques that are unethical / illegal when used to access data without the owner’s permission.”

I asked what traits make genuine hackers? What skills are needed to qualify as one?

“Hacking is not a linear activity. The skills involved force you to consider millions of possibilities and narrow them down to the vulnerabilities and exploits that get you in and allow you to take over people’s identities. My training helped me to quickly find the default password for the system at Napier University thanks to understanding how to use the best tools. Knowing Meterpeter commands was particularly valuable."

And what are Jennifer's plans now that she has qualified as an CSTA Ethical Hacker?

“I am building up a team of skilled hackers to address the needs of the business community in the UK, and I will be sending three more talented people on CSTA next year. For me, the best credible ethical hacking course in the industry to take is 7Safe’s!”

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Picture: Jennifer Arcuri

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