7Safe Ethical Hacking Training Delegates Give Video Feedback

7Safe-Cyber-Skills-Training-Room 20 November 2015

Ethical Hackers Jennifer Arcuri and Luciana Carvalho Se review their experiences of attending the 7Safe CSTA Ethical Hacking course.


"The best hands-on experience came from the CSTA course, which gave me access to virtual machines that mimicked real networks. I was able to use brute force and apply dictionaries attacks – techniques that are unethical / illegal when used to access data without the owner’s permission."

With the skills they acquired from the 7Safe Course, The Hacking House Co-Founders Jennifer and Luciana featured as subject experts on BBC Panorama's "How Hackers Steal Your ID."



Jennifer is planning on sending future Hacking House employees to be trained by 7Safe. If you would like to read 7Safe's Michael Shuff's full interview with Jennifer please click here. Or if you're a training delegate who would like to share your experience of 7Safe training please contact us at education@7safe.com

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