7Safe and PA Consulting draw in the crowds at Infosecurity 2016

Infosecurity Europe 2016: Cyber Crime Tipping Point Survey, Clare Fraser By Michael Shuff, 7Safe lead reporter | 21 June 2016

This month, for the first time ever, 7Safe and PA Consulting Group co-exhibited at Infosecurity 2016 and attracted an impressive total of 343 visitors to the stand and has so far generated some high value consultancy leads for cyber security and technical services, including prospective clients for our expert penetration testing services. It was great to showcase our Digital Trust consulting and technical security services together and have just confirmed our stand booking for 2017.

PA ‘mini-lectures’ demonstrated our knowledge and expertise

PA’s expert presentations on topics ranging from the General Data Protection Regulation to the Cyber Crime Tipping Point Survey attracted 62 attendees. It was standing room only though in the Strategy Theatre for PA’s John Skipper when he delivered his talk, fostering an Enterprise-Wide Security Culture.  John’s theme: of businesses needing to understand the value of building a secure culture in the workplace if they are to remain successful moving into the digital age. They need to protect their customers, John reminded his audience, or they risk losing them to their competitors.

Standing room only at John Skipper's talk on Security Culture 

John is Director in PA’s Digital Trust team, providing board level advice on cyber security and information assurance for both private and public sector clients. In 14 years of consulting, he has led a security risk review for the world's largest bank integration programme, conducted an end-to-end cyber security review for a strategic defence contractor, architected the solution securing over £3 trillion in payments for UK banks and led the definition of a Government-wide federated identity infrastructure.

Fostering an Enterprise-Wide Security Culture was featured in articles written by Joe Pettit of Tripwire, Phil Muncaster of Infosecurity magazine and Sam Pudwell of IT Pro Portal, during or soon after Infosec, confirming PA’s place as a thought leader in the rapidly emerging cyber security space.

[Press links: Tripwire: http://www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/off-topic/infosecurity-europe-2016-day-two/

Infosecurity: http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/infosec16-local-champions-security/

IT Pro Portal: http://www.itproportal.com/2016/06/09/infosecurity-2016-creating-a-culture-of-security-in-your-company/]

STOMP Contest provided a humorous approach to a serious subject: the cyber skills shortage

7Safe’s well-followed STOMP Challenge (STOMP = Stop the Offensive Malware Process) engaged a total of 55 contestants in a battle with CryptoLocker malware in timed 3-minute bouts. ‘STOMP-Master’ Steve Shepherd MBE, an ex-Royal Military Police Investigator, put IT managers and software developers through their paces in a bid to highlight the deficiencies in current cyber skills training in industry. It was noticeable that only representatives of the leading security firms came even close to winning and all failed to win the contest prize of training worth £2,100 which remains unclaimed!

 7Safe STOMP Challenge at Infosec 2016 

[Picture: Steve Shepherd MBE in his role as the 'STOMP Master' at Infosec 2016].

7Safe’s CREST and IISP-accredited training courses proved to be a winner all the same with 25 prospective delegates and places were quoted to those who took part.

So what did the visitors to stand A170 take away with them, apart from PA Consulting Digital Trust literature, case studies, 7Safe training prospectuses and give-aways like custom ‘risk assessment’ dice and ‘I’ve been STOMPed’ fluffy characters representing malware? Perhaps the most important thing was the opportunity to reflect on the importance in their lives of Digital Trust. As John said: “Business is becoming 24/7, it’s becoming pervasive through digital channels. To make that work it’s important that you trust the people you’re doing business with digitally - and that they trust you.”

[Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2016/06/09/infosecurity-2016-creating-a-culture-of-security-in-your-company]

PA and 7Safe have booked this 40 square metres premium space again for Infosecurity Europe 2017. 


"Business is becoming 24/7, it’s becoming pervasive through digital channels. To make that work it’s important that you trust the people you’re doing business with digitally - and that they trust you [John Skipper, PA Consulting]"


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