Apple file system to step into modern age – welcome APFS

Dave Swinden's CMFS By By David Swinden, Digital Forensics Specialist, 7Safe | 21 June 2016

The 13th June 2016 saw the 27th Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). As expected there were a multitude of new feature announcements to the Apple offerings of iOS, tvOS, watchOS and the newly renamed macOS.

What the keynote address failed to mention was the introduction of a new file system set to replace Apples HFS+. HFS+ has been the default file system since its introduction in 1998 and has always had a number of limitations, being described by Linus Torvaldis, creator of the Linux operating system, as the ‘worst file system ever’.

APFS is still very much in development and there are caveats to trialling it that suggest we are some time off from its full implementation as the default macOS file system. Currently the only way to play with APFS is to create a container via the command line disk utility in macOS Sierra; you cannot install the OS to it and it does not support FileVault2 or Time Machine.

Read our summary on the new features as documented by Apple, before we get a copy of Sierra and have a play.


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