BBC look East: 7Safe supports gender diversity in cyber security

video graphic By Hayley Woodruff, 7Safe | 11 May 2018

On 10th May 2018, BBC Look East spoke to cyber security expert at 7Safe, part of PA Consulting Group about how the company is aiming to attract more female employees.

Tim Ogle says: “When we’re trying to recruit people into the team, there’s often a distinct lack of female candidates to even interview. It isn’t that we don’t want to take them on, it’s that they don’t exist at the front door. So if we did find them, we’d probably take them.”

Tim continues: “If you go and speak to school children, which I’ve done in the past, you ask “Who wants to go into cyber or be an engineer or software engineer?” It’s nearly all the boys who put their hands up. And we need that to switch to girls too, and I think it starts right at educational level.”

According to the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, women only make up 8% of UK cyber security workforce. The lack of any real progress towards increasing the intake of women in the profession highlights the current shortage of cyber skills, so the focus needs to start with recruiting higher numbers of women onto cyber training programmes.

Each year, 7Safe trains over 500 delegates and at our flagship Cambridge Cyber Development Centre in Melbourn, and we actively encourage more female candidates to attend our courses. Our consultants coach individual delegates so they leave with the confidence to do the job that they are training for. Our aim is to create skilled future professionals across the gender divide who are capable of undertaking work as penetration testers, reviewing and testing software code for security flaws, and performing digital forensic analysis.

We offer courses across the cyber security skills spectrum in:

To find out more about 7Safe’s cyber skills training courses click here, or you can apply for one of our cyber security vacancies here.  Alternatively, please email and an allocated member of our team will get back to you.

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