Cyber breach from the perspective of a fictitious company

CSIR By Tiim Ogle, 7Safe Director | 08 August 2018

An interesting article on the BBC ( about a cyber breach from the perspective of a fictitious company. Whilst it’s quite dramatic, what is common in most organisations is that they are surprised it happened to them and at how unprepared they were for a breach.

Whilst there isn’t a single silver bullet to fix this here's few top tips:

  • Ensure your staff are cyber security confident
  • Ensure you have a cyber incident response plan (covering tech, processes, legal, comms and PR)
  • Sign up with a Cyber incident response service provider, to avoid a 24hr procurement delay whilst your world is falling down.
  • GDPR,  seek expert help as part of the planning and incident response so know what you need to report to the regulator.

Don’t assume these breaches are instant, in 90% of instances we see they have been inside for months quietly figuring you out.Take action through use of good security monitoring, utilise threat hunting to find existing issues.

Above all be proactive! The above steps may not stop an incident, but they will make the experience much more controllable if and when it happens.

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