Process and Policy Review Services

Information Security Policies are intended to provide a common basis for consistent, prudent protection and preservation of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. Policies communicate consensus and defines an organisation’s stance on security. 

7Safe will assist in the creation of a suite of Information Security Policies and will help with reviewing and potentially updating existing documents essential for accreditation.

Why Choose 7Safe for process and policy review?

Whether the gaps in your Information Security best practice involve people, process or technology, 7Safe can help you to introduce and continually-improve robust processes to comply with ISO 27001 and other relevant international standards and regulatory requirements. Contact us today to arrange for an information security health check conducted by an experienced consultant who will recommend the best ways to strengthen your current approach.

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At a more detailed level, 7Safe will deliver information security services around the following :

  • Review your existing security policies, practices and standards against best practice methodologies. We will review the policies in place for correctness, alignment to SOGP / relevant standards and consider how these are being implemented in your organisation. This will enable us to understand your estate thoroughly and tailor the policies to your requirement.
  • Evaluate crucial information assets. Crucial / life-line assets will be identified and a risk assessment will be carried out. Based on an understanding of your operating methods and supporting infrastructure, 7Safe will evaluate your information assets and processes.
  • Perform a Gap Analysis to determine the vulnerabilities and loop-holes in your current processes and systems.  
  • 7Safe will produce a report that will list our recommendations a​s well as a final policy set. The report will include:
  • Short term remediation plan
  • A list of policies, procedures and standards required to meet best practices.
  • Long term / roadmaps for the future and gaps against relevant standards.

Ready to review your security policies?

For further information or to request a quote for one of our information security review services  or any of our cyber security services, ​email one of our information security experts today or call +44 (0)1763 285 510. 

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