​Building Cyber Resilience with Penetration Testing and Cyber Threat Hunting

Outside-In Cyber Security Testing

7Safe’s Cyber experts look for vulnerabilities in your cyber defences from the outside

Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking

And on the inside …

Cyber Threat Hunting

We are offering this unique ‘Outside-In’ combined penetration testing and threat hunting service on special introductory terms to organisations that value their data.

Read what ‘Outside-In’ consists of and why it’s wise to combine these services:

Penetration Testing

Pen outside in 

Nearly half of businesses experienced a cyber breach or attack in the past year [Source: NCSC website]

As the NCSC website states: ‘The knowledge, skills and even the tools deployed by pen testers have much in common with the ‘very particular skillset’ of the hacker. This is no accident. The pen test tries to emulate a real world assault on your cyber defences. As a result, there is some risk of disruption, but using a good pen tester will minimise the risk’.

Your choice of testers is critical. What makes a penetration test from 7Safe so valuable is that it deploys highly skilled human minds against your defences. The quality of our experts’ skills is what you’re paying for, so it’s important to make sure the team doing the testing has recognised technical abilities, and ethical principles.

The simplest difference between a pen test and an actual attack is that a pen tester will record any vulnerabilities uncovered, document them to be dealt with, and assist the customer in finding such issues themselves. This should all be made clear to you in a way which is genuinely useful.

As cyber attack numbers and sophistication are increasing significantly, all of you systems should be regularly tested to determine how they respond to new attacks and what needs fixing to prevent them. ​

Benefits include:

• A reduction in your ICT costs over the long term

• Improvements in the technical environment, reducing support calls

• Greater levels of confidence in the security of your IT environments

• Increased awareness of the need for appropriate technical controls.

Who buys 7Safe's services?

We deliver high-end penetration testing services to clients around the world and across the following key sectors;

  • Retail, banking and financial services
  • Government and public sector
  • Energy and utilities
  • Media, gaming and entertainment
  • Communications and technology.

We are Council of Registered Security Testers (CREST) accredited. CREST is a standard based organisation for penetration test suppliers, aimed at ensuring the very highest standards of security testing.

Cyber Threat Hunting


Find threats before they do you harm

Cyber Threat Hunting is the process by which infrastructure in an organisation is proactively 'hunted' for evidence of ‘threats’ which have gone undetected by other means – indicating that an organisation has already been compromised.

7Safe tailors threat hunts to each organisation depending on their infrastructure, existing policies and procedures, and priorities with regards to Cyber Security.

Within an organisation’s Cyber Security portfolio, Cyber Threat Hunting would most appropriately fit in between Penetration Testing and Risk and Compliance. 

Why proactively hunt for threats?

Every organisation is subject to cyber-attacks. Defence in depth is part of the answer to reducing exposure and mitigating impact. However, identifying threats and responding to them in a timely manner is continuing to prove challenging. Cyber Threat Hunting is a proactive alternative to relying on traditional rule or signature-based alerting security solutions (like anti-virus and intrusion detection systems) or human-based monitoring.

 We provide front line consultancy combined with expert knowledge transfer to teach your team the practical steps needed to plan and conduct threat hunting operations throughout the enterprise.

 What benefits will Cyber Threat Hunting deliver?

There are several benefits that a Threat Hunt will bring to an organisation of any size. These benefits are unique to a Cyber Threat Hunt since they detect threats in areas which might be considered outside the scope of existing Cyber Security controls or appliances, using skilled Threat Hunters deploying a mix of automatic tools and manual examination techniques. Existing controls or appliances might include policies and procedures or automated security tools like Network Intrusion Detection Systems or Firewalls.

 Specifically, Cyber Threat Hunting delivers:

Assurance that existing Cyber Security controls are effective at protecting an organisation from breach or attack

Recommendations for improvements to existing Cyber Security controls or the introduction of new ones based on clear facts which help to support any investment from Cyber Security budgets

 Protection against adversaries in all shapes and forms be it malware, insider threats, specific malicious actors, improper configuration or insecure design. Cyber Threat Hunting is particularly useful in its ability to protect against insider threats and data leakage by identifying non-conformance to soft Cyber Security Policies supposedly adhered to by employees. 

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