Information Governance

We have developed some leading tools and methods to help modern organisations with the Information Governance challenges created by their changing enterprise environments that are transitioning from an “analogue IT” to a fully digital way of working.

 Identifying data at risk

Modern digital environments generate, analyse and share more data than ever before. We can help you identify and isolate regulated or commercially sensitive data that has inadvertently leaked-out of the core secure enterprise systems that would normally protect such data from misuse or abuse.  For example, this may be personal data of your customers and clients or new product blueprints that your Innovation Lab has created that have been shared on less secure networks. 

Structuring Unstructured Data

Plenty of quantitative as well as empirical data is collected and stored in unstructured formats, making it slow to identify and analyse.  Data held within Word tables, or even pdf’d copies make search and research tasks very laborious and uneconomical.  We use methods developed and refined in the eDiscovery world to convert large quantities of unstructured data into formats suitable for storage and use in databases.

Need advice on ​Information Governance?

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