Cyber Security Services

Penetration Testing and Technical Security

The risk of your network being compromised or ‘hacked’ by the presence of malware or by individuals within or outside of your organisation is ever-growing. In addition, technical defence mechanisms relied upon over the last twenty years are no longer sufficient. 

7Safe has been at the forefront of providing penetration testing services to clients based around the world – offering not only exceptional technical expertise but outstanding client services.


We are experts at driving out security vulnerabilities and improving the resilience of your infrastructure. We offer a range of security testing services including:

  • Website application security testing 
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Hardening UNIX and Windows systems 
  • Code reviews
  • Wireless security assessments 
  • Social engineering assessments

Consultants will help you to discover and develop your digital capabilities and convert the findings of our technical reports into immediately actionable and positive business impacts.

If you would like to develop your knowledge and skills in the latest growing cyber security techniques, then find out about our range ​of expert-led training courses.

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