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Why Choose 7Safe’s Social Engineering – Phishing Assessment Service?

7Safe is a member of CREST and we apply and adhere to the rigorous CREST standards.

We follow the CREST model for providing high-quality Cyber Security Incident Response. 7Safe CSIR services are designed to work with organisations who have, or have not prepared (Phase 1) for a cyber incident.

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Phishing Assessment Service

Test how well your employees follow your cyber security policy - and what information they are prepared to reveal to a hacker and/or malicious actor

Phishing is an online fraud technique. Phishing attacks by criminals are designed to entice you to disclose personal information in the belief that you have clicked through to a trusted site from a link in an email or text message.

Fraudulently obtaining your security information such as user ID and password through phishing scams is the fastest rising online crime method used for stealing personal financial information and perpetrating identity theft.

Find out which of your employees is vulnerable to phishing fraud and how your organisation compares with similar-sized entities in your market segment.

Our phishing assessment involves targeting a wide group of users in your organisation by sending them an email that entices them to visit a web application and perform a task, such as entering their log in credentials. We do this with no knowledge of your technical structure and it is usually formed as a generic mail, for example offers from online shops, interesting news articles or changes to their accounts, to try to convince the users to open a malicious attachment or clink on a bad link.

In order to perform the test, we will acquire a relevant domain name and set up a dummy HTTPS site, in order that communications traffic data will be encrypted.

All you have to do is provide a list of target employees and then read the report of who clicked the bad link.

We can provide statistical comparisons from previous anonymised tests for organisations of different sizes to show what you should expect in different security scenarios.

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