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Spear Phishing Assessment Service

Prepare your employees to respond to highly sophisticated and targeted attacks

A spear-phishing assessment is a more targeted attack against an individual or group of people using information gathered about them to make the malicious email much more enticing. As with more generic types of phishing attacks, the aim of a spear phishing is to convince the recipient that they should open the attachment or click on the link.

Why Choose 7Safe’s Social Engineering – Phishing Assessment Service?

7Safe is a member of CREST and we apply and adhere to the rigorous CREST standards.

We follow the CREST model for providing high-quality Cyber Security Incident Response.

7Safe CSIR services are designed to work with organisations who have, or have not prepared (Phase 1) for a cyber incident..

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Targets are typically “high value” individuals or groups who might have access to critical systems or be able to perform key tasks, such as financial transactions.

7Safe are well experienced in dealing with cases of high profile companies falling victim to spear phishing attacks. Our approach is confidential and methodical in dealing with cyber security incidents.

To learn more about how our Spear Phishing service fits into our CREST accredited Cyber Security Incident Response Service (CSIR) Model of services, follow the links below or see 7Safe's CSIR Operating Model.

  • Phase 1 - Prepare

    Step 1 - Criticality Assessment

    Step 2 - Threat Analysis

    Step 3 - People, Process, Technology and Information

    Step 4 - Control environment

    Step 5 - Maturity assessment

  • Phase 2 - Respond

    Step 1 - Identification

    Step 2 - Investigation

    Step 3 - Action

    Step 4 - Recovery

  • Phase 3 - Follow Up

    Step 1 - Incident investigation

    Step 2 - Reporting

    Step 3 - Post incident review

    Step 4 - Lessons learned

    Step 5 - Updating

    Step 6 - Trend analysis

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