​Digital Investigation Services

We help you ​​identify, ​​preserve and investigate ​​data in digital matters

Our team of experienced and vetted digital investigation experts can help you with internal investigations, civil, criminal and regulatory matters and mass document review. Adhering to evidential and industry standards, the team also author and teach University and externally accredited cyber forensic training courses.

If you would like further information about how ​we can support your digital investigation needs, email one of our experts today or call +44 (0) ​1763 285 510.



Paul Cain
Service Lead​


Nick Montague
​Technical Lead​


​Jayne Howlett
​​Operations ​Manager​

Meet your team

Our Digital Forensics and eDiscovery specialists have extensive real-world investigative and legal-team experience for a range of matters. For a friendly chat with one of our team, ​please contact us.

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