​Digital Investigation Services

Helping organisations identify, recover and investigate large volumes of data from all digital devices and networks

The world is more connected than ever and data volumes are exploding - making the retrieval of digital information for your case a potential minefield. To recover and investigate digital data, skilled investigators are needed in criminal and civil cases, internal corporate investigations, and to probe into network intrusions. Our team of experienced digital investigation experts can help you investigate any digital incident - ranging from a cyber breach to a review of commercial information as part of a legal dispute. This comes with the backing of our Sweet & Maxwell Expert Witness listed status.

Our capabilities include:

  • Identifying, preserving and securing data
  • Investigating and attending court in criminal, civil and regulatory matters
  • Assisting with HR conduct or IT Security related internal investigations
  • Advising and investigating malware, system or data compromise incidents, and producing clear reports.

We have worked with public and private sector clients in the following areas:

  • Defence & Security contracts
  • Internal digital security matters
  • Audit and data compliance
  • Legal, criminal and police investigations.

Need advice on Digital Investigation Services?

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To develop your own knowledge and skills in the latest growing cyber security techniques, then find out about our range ​of University & externally accredited digital ​investigation training courses.

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Device         Investigation

Our specialists and consultants are world leaders in the field of digital forensic investigation. We identify, preserve and analyse any data in any computer, device or network...

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​Cyber          Investigation

The risk of your network being compromised or ‘hacked’ by the presence of malware or by individuals within or outside of your organisation is growing and the technical defence mechanisms relied upon

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Expert                Witness

All our work, whatever the size and goal, is performed to the same evidential rigour and standards required by the criminal courts in the UK.

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All Investigation Services

Find out more about all the Digital Investigations services we offer

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DocReview is a quick-to-use, fixed-price, document review service that allows you to filter, search and initiate a review of millions of pages of emails/documents within only a few hours.

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Document Review with RelativityTM

We use the industry leading Relativity eDiscovery platform for large disclosure matters, providing you with all the functionality you need to review, codify, protect and produce electronic documentation.

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NexidiaTM Audio Review

Our audio and video search and review tool  helps you review vast quantities of audio quickly.  Our consultants are experts at fine tuning the “threshold

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All eDiscovery Services

Find out more about all the eDiscovery services we offer

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