Digital Forensics


Why Choose 7Safe?

We will provide you with technical specialists who can isolate, identify and expose forensically sound evidence from all types of electronic device and networks.  Whether you are looking to identify “lost” data on an encrypted drive, or if you are attempting to quickly identify what data was compromised within your network by a malicious hacker, we have the expertise and skills to help you.  We take great pride in providing responsive, timely and pragmatic advise to all our clients. 

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Data Acquisition and Collection

In today’s modern organisation, investigations of any sort, commercial disputes and regulatory reporting typically require simultaneous data collection from various locations.  7Safe can support your organisation in small and large scale data collections, wherever your data is stored in the world.

Only trained digital forensic consultants have the skills and equipment to accurately and quickly acquire large volumes of data without compromising the integrity of the data - or indeed the metadata which is so often essential to the investigation efficiency.  Poor or incorrect data collection methods are known to significantly increase the cost of investigations by as much as a factor of 10.[1]

We have provided data collection services for multi-nationals, government departments, prosecuting and regulatory bodies in both criminal and civil matters.  We have deep experience in collecting volatile and static data from technologies including web, database and email servers, large scale storage solutions, virtual environments and all manner of conventional (and some unconventional) digital devices used by private individuals and businesses.

7Safe will, with minimal notice, provide personnel and equipment required for your data and evidence collections both in the UK, Europe and further abroad.

[1] Source: 7Safe research 2014. 

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If you would like further information around how we can support your organisation in small and large scale data collections, talk to a 7Safe digital forensics consultant today. Please call +44 (0)1763 285 510 or email us now.

To develop your own capability to secure data for a cyber investigation, find out about our  Certified Data Collection Technician (CDaCT) practical training course.

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