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Why Choose 7Safe for eDiscovery?

We pride ourselves in our technical skills that can adapt to suit even the most challenging projects. We provide a full end-to-end eDiscovery solution from data collection to document review and production for email, hard copy and electronic files. The collated results support legal disputes, regulatory matters and investigations.

We understand complexities of civil litigation and investigation processes, and we will always adapt to help you achieve your goals. 

To find out more, read 7Safe's guide to eDiscovery. 

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When working with us, we always provide you with:

  • Transparency – you will always know why we are doing what we are doing.  This will ensure that you are confident that our service is aligned to the goals of your case
  • Visibility – you will always see what we are doing at all times.  We are highly responsive and will adapt our methods to suit your particular needs, reporting regularly to you on progress
  • Flexibility – we appreciate and understand the complexities of civil litigation and investigation processes and we will always adapt to help you achieve your goals.

Due to the variable structure and increasing size of electronic communications, as well as the constantly changing configuration of communication technologies, no review case is ever the same.  Our approach will give you confidence that your disclosure is being handled in the most efficient and responsive way:

  • Our consultants are all hands-on technology experts with digital forensic backgrounds and litigation support experience.  They are all experienced at working with legal teams on how best to approach their review, taking into account all factors – collection, preparation, location, time, resources, review objectives, production – so as to ensure an optimal, accurate and cost-efficient review method
  • We match each client case with the right consultant and the right technology
  • Our data collection and preparation processes are forensically sound, ensuring that none of your data is compromised, at any stage 
  • We configure and customise your review platform to suit the needs of the specific case, and the resources involved.  All our review platforms are hosted in a secure environment.
  • You will receive regular project updates to ensure you have the right operational and commercial metrics to hand at all times
  • We are based in London and operate throughout the UK and Europe



Most organisations need to analyse/investigate large volumes of data or documents at some stage, whether it's an internal HR issue or an external dispute where they call in their legal representatives.

We have a unique blend of highly-experienced eDiscovery experts and the latest secure technologies that ensure you have access to the latest thinking and tools to support your eDisclosure needs, along with 100% assurance that your data is totally secure with us.

Our clients include magic circle law firms, government regulators, major banks and pharmaceuticals. 

Fixed Price Document Review with DocReview™

Secure document review available within 24 hours, at a fixed price, for lawyers and paralegals. DocReview is a quick-to-use, fixed-price, document review service that allows you to filter, search and initiate a review of millions of pages of emails/documents within only a few hours. 
The DocReview service has been designed specifically for lawyers and other legal workers who are asked to provide an early “risk of litigation” review when presented with unstructured documents and communications from their clients who are concerned about any emerging dispute within their organisation or with 3rd parties.

We need just ​a few hours to prepare your data for review.

With data you submit to us, every page of every document, in every zip file or sub folder, attached or embedded in any email in any way will be identified and made searchable. Our method also includes identifying all pdf documents, pictures and any other scanned images that appear to contain text where we will then use the latest optical character recognition technology (OCR) to extract and index the text.

DocReview costs just £250 and includes:

  • secure and accurate preparation of 4GB of data, including OCR'ing and first pass filtering1
  • a standard 1st and 2nd pass review coding layout in RelativityTM
  • x1 month of secure data hosting1
  • x1 secure Relativity reviewer licence1
  • access to expert technical document review advice​

Document Review with Relativity

We use the industry leading Relativity eDiscovery platform for all size of disclosure matters. Through Relativity we provide you with all the functionality you need to review, codify, secure, redact and produce electronic documentation for use in civil or criminal matters.

At any point during the life of the disclosure case additional documents can be uploaded or exported, new coding options added and documents released or locked away from reviewers, ensuring that your disclosure review can grow and evolve as matters change, whilst also being as secure as possible.

Technology Assisted Review can be added to a case which can reduce the overall cost of your disclosure by as much as 75% when compared to linear manual review methods.


Audio Review

Our audio discovery service can accurately search audio/video data using carefully crafted phonetic search terms to help you review vast quantities of audio quickly. Our eDiscovery consultants are experts at fine tuning the “threshold” and responsiveness of the keyword searches.  We use proprietary phonetic definition improvement methods to ensure all dialects and speech examples are correctly identified in the search results. This dramatically increases the speed of the review and much reduces the cost when compared to ‘voice-to-text’ or other audio technologies. In fact, our audio discovery service will reduce the overall cost by up to 80% when compared to traditional transcription review methods.

Our consultants are experts at fine tuning the “threshold” and responsiveness of the keyword searches.  We use our own specialist tools to ensure high review relevance and accuracy, regardless of language and dialect, reducing the overall cost of audio review by up to 80% when compared to traditional transcription review methods.

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