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Why Choose 7Safe for secure document review?

DocReview costs just £250 and includes:

  • secure and accurate preparation of 4GB of data, including OCR'ing and first pass filtering1
  • a standard 1st and 2nd pass review coding layout in RelativityTM
  • x1 month of secure data hosting1
  • x1 secure Relativity reviewer licence1
  • access to expert technical document review advice

To find out more, read 7Safe's guide to eDiscovery. 

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DocReviewTM : Fixed Price Secure Document Review

Secure document review available within 24 hours, at a fixed price, for lawyers and paralegals. DocReview is a quick-to-use, fixed-price, document review service that allows you to filter, search and initiate a review of millions of pages of emails/documents within only a few hours.
The DocReview service has been designed specifically for lawyers and other legal workers who are asked to provide an early “risk of litigation” review when presented with unstructured documents and communications from their clients who are concerned about any emerging dispute within their organisation or with 3rd parties.

We need just ​a few hours to prepare your data for review 

With data you submit to us, every page of every document, in every zip file or sub folder, attached or embedded in any email in any way will be identified and made searchable. Our method also includes identifying all pdf documents, pictures and any other scanned images that appear to contain text where we will then use the latest optical character recognition technology (OCR) to extract and index the text.

Ready to order Doc Review?

To start reviewing large volumes of emails and documents speak to an eDiscovery expert on +44(0)207 881 3333 or email us at ediscoverysupport@paconsulting.com

Alternatively, complete the enquiry form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

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1Additional data/time/reviewers can be added at any time

2Additional advice may be charged – Request DocReview’s full terms and conditions via email here