7Safe's Certified Security Testing Associate (CSTA) infrastructure ethical hacking training course has gained certification under the GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) scheme


Our training courses have been independently assessed and accredited by CREST and IISP. We believe that this third party accreditation is essential to our clients to enable them to reduce their risk and save time and cost when selecting a training supplier, and to provide individuals and organisations with confidence that our training courses are of high quality.

   Small CREST Accredited_training courses 

CREST has assessed and accredited six of 7Safe’s training courses as aligning with a CREST examination syllabus.  Our courses are therefore ideal preparation if you are planning on becoming CREST qualified in the future - information on how they relate to the CREST syllabus' can be found here.  Please note that 7Safe’s courses do not provide you with a CREST qualification as this can only be obtained by taking and passing the associated CREST examination, which must be booked directly with them.

The IISP has also assessed and accredited 13 of 7Safe’s training courses, enabling you to build knowledge, competency and gain hands-on experience in the areas of the Institute’s Skills Framework.


 IISP Skill Areas Covered

CSTA Ethical Hackings Hands-On

Level 1 : A6 , B2 and C1 Level 1+ : D1, D2, E3

CSTP Ethical Web Application Hacking: Hands-On

Level 1 : A6 , B2 and C1 Level 1+ : D2

CWSA Wireless Security: Hands-On

Level 1 : A6 , B2 and C1 Level 1+ : D2

CAST Advanced Application Security Testing: Hands-On

Level 1 : A6 , B2 and C1 Level 1+ : D2

CDaCT Data Collection Technician: Hands-On

Level 1: A2, A6, H1 Level 1+: D1, F3

CFIP Forensic Investigation: Hands On

Level 1 : A2 and A6 Level 1+ : F2 and F3

CMI Malware Investigation: Hands-On

Level 1: C1, E1 and Level 1+: F2, F3

CMFS Apple Mac Forensics: Hands-On

Level 1: A6, B1, C1, F2 Level 1+:F3

CLFP Linux Forensic Investigation: Hands-On

​Level 1: A6, E2 and Level 1+: F2, F3

CFIS Advanced Forensic Investigation: Hands-On

Level 1: A2, A6 and Level 1+: F2 and F3

CIIP Implementing ISO27001

Level 1 : A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, D1, E1, E2 and G1 Level 1+ : B1 and B2

HIM Hacking Insight for Managers

Level 1: A5, B1, B2, D2, E3, F1

CSCSD Secure Coding for Software Developers

Level 1: A1, A2, B1, B2, C2, D2

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The Cyber Security Supplier to Government Scheme ​has approved 7Safe as a Cyber Security Services (Training) supplier to the UK Government.
To find out more about 7Safe's accreditations and certifications, email our Education team now or call  +44 (0)1763 285285. Alternatively, read about our range of expert-led cyber security training courses.