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  • CPE Credits: 40
  • MSc credits:

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Certified Cyber Investigator (CCI)

Specialist - level course
This specialist-level course is for professionals who are looking to develop and improve their ability to respond effectively to a cyber event. It helps you develop the skills needed to isolate, investigate and extract evidence from a live networked environment during or after a cyber incident.

How will I benefit?

This course will enable you to:

  • Learn a number of methodologies for undertaking a sound cyber investigation
  • Acquire and practice new techniques to extract relevant data from a live networked environment
  • Gain confidence when identifying and capturing live operating system artefacts
  • Improve your ability to respond effectively to a cyber event

"This was the most useful networking investigation course I have been on in recent years. I came away with a substantial increase in my knowledge along with some very useful documentation. If you’re going to do one networking investigation course year, make it this one.”

CCI Delegate

Regional Cyber Crime Unit


"This course has been excellent. The course is difficult and at times is frustrating, but I deem that to be a very good thing, as it only compelled and challenged me to learn and try harder."

CCI Delegate
UK Police Service

"The instructors delivered an excellent, modern and cutting-edge course that will undoubtedly benefit our crime scene/warrant processes, allowing us to collect some excellent evidence."

CCI Delegate


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  • What will I learn?
    • You will learn and practice the critical skills needed to identify the correct forensic artefacts in a live network environment during or after a cyber event, and how to preserve and collect that data
    • You will practice how to correctly acquire and handle dynamic data so that you do not inadvertently alter or destroy vital clues that could result in your investigation failing or the resultant evidence being inadmissible in court
  • Who should attend?
    Experienced forensic investigators and cyber security practitioners who already have a good knowledge of forensic investigation and want to extend their skills.

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