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  • CPE Credits: 16
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Certified Linux Forensic Practitioner (CLFP)

Specialist - level course
This specialist-level course is for experienced forensic investigators who want to acquire the knowledge and skills to navigate, identify, capture and examine data from Linux-based systems.

How will I benefit?

On this course, you will:

  • Understand the data structures associated with the ‘ext’ file systems
  • Learn effective techniques to extract data from a Linux environment
  • Develop confidence when identifying and capturing Linux system artefacts
  • Improve your ability to respond effectively to a wider range of forensic incidents

"Paul [Cain] was spot on with his explanations and course content. I was very impressed with it all and thoroughly enjoyed the course."

C. Spinks

“Very good course, well paced and provided a good understanding of the Linux platform and analysis.”

CLFP Delegate

Huron Consulting 


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  • What will I learn?
    • You will develop a core understanding of the file system data structures and key files in Linux-based systems so that you can be confident of capturing potential digital evidence
    • You will practice using both Linux GUI and command line environments, and learn how to use Linux for forensic imaging
    • You will capture RAM and basic volatile data from a live Linux system, and use forensic software to create an image of a Linux system
  • Who should attend?
    Forensic practitioners, systems administrators and cyber investigators who want to extend their experience from Windows-based systems to the Linux environment.

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