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  • CPE Credits: 40
  • MSc credits:

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  • Cyber Security Incident Response

Certified Cyber Threat Hunter (CCTH)

Specialist - level course

This is a specialist-level course for those security professionals involved in penetration testing, incident response, and security analysis who are looking to develop in their role or enhance their proactive skills in detecting, identifying and mitigating that already exist within your organisation.

You will learn the skills required to effectively hunt for security concerns or evidence of a pre-existing breach or attack. You will be taught a variety of skills which are essential to understand when conducting a threat hunt and developing an overall threat hunting strategy.



How will I benefit?

This course will give you:

  • The skills to undertake your own threat hunts and develop your methodologies
  • The ability to understand and correlate separate artefacts into larger patterns to better identify potential threats

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  • What will I learn?
    • You will learn and practice the skills and understanding needed to conduct a thorough threat hunt within a live enterprise environment
    • How to correlate and analyse data to successfully identify active and passive threats already existing within a network
    • How to effectively conduct and automate data collection from remote locations using built-in and third party tools so that vital clues and potential threats will not be missed
  • Who should attend?
    • Security Operations Centre Analysts 
    • Cyber security incident responders / investigators
    • Penetration testers
    • Cyber security practitioners with advanced IT skills
    • IT administrators and IT technicians responsible for Cyber Security Incident Response
    • Anyone with advanced IT skills considering a career in cyber incident response work

For more information on this course, please email the Education team or contact us on +44(0)1763 285285

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