Why Train with 7Safe?

Our courses are all taught by practising consultants who are either former police officers and government security professionals, industry experienced penetration testers, and/or respected digital forensics specialists who are engaged by police forces in the UK (and around the world) to provide evidence in high-profile criminal cases.


7 Good Reasons to Train with 7Safe

You will become:

1. A recognised cyber professional: you will join a growing community of cyber experts who seek to uphold the standards required to protect businesses and individuals alike.

2. A visionary for improvement: the knowledge and advice you will receive in the latest cyber security techniques will enable you to apply your learning to real world scenarios.

3. Well-informed and able to gather the right critical information: you will learn to understand the root cause of problems and act based on fact, not guesswork.

4. Able to secure the respect of others: you will learn to follow the best practice recommended by partners IISP, CREST, and ACPO.

5. Capable of strategic thinking within your area of specialism: you will learn from our consultants how to anticipate trends in cybercrime associated with the rapid development of info tech.

6. Proficient at cyber project management: you will learn to carry out your work in a highly-proficient, methodological and managed way.

7. Confident at achieving your goals: you will be able to measure and review your progress towards career objectives.







7Safe Training Provides

Current, relevant courses delivered by practising consultants

… developed, delivered and regularly revised to reflect latest developments, techniques, exploits, and defensive recommendations, an approach that guarantees up-to-date, highly relevant real-world content.

Work-based, practical approach that satisfies real-world requirements

Hands-on practical exercises transfer skills needed in the workplace, and unlike so many courses in this field, when delegates complete the exam, they are ready to do the job.

Membership of 7Safe Alumni Network

7Safe’s Alumni Network gives our delegates exclusive membership access to all the latest updates in our courses, so that they never fall behind when things change. It’s also the perfect community for crowdsourcing technical advice when needed back at your work place.

Skills needed by industry and government

7Safe’s technical training courses provide industry recognised certifications with delegates coming to us from all sectors including law enforcement agencies and even our competitors to increase their in-house capability and peer recognition. 

To find out more, talk to 7Safe's training team now or learn more about our range of expert-led cyber security training courses.




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